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Bright Sight

Vision afflicting education

Children require at least 3 eye screening before the age of 6, but barely 50% get them due to poverty, affecting their studies.

Poor sight lesser work leverage

An individual’s productivity drops with a decreasing vision, affecting their jobs.

Decreasing vision lesser income.

Our female’s working on handy-craft pay much needed attention to the detail that affects their eye sight and slows them in their work process.

Vision afflicting independence

The elderly when they need vision the most are unable to pay for themselves and start relying on others.

We believe in preserving sight to brighten up lives.

Our programs

At Bright Sight we have integrated various means to aid those in need. Our programs include

Where we will be conducting eye screening camps in schools and orphanages for children throughout Karachi and other villages. Despite several NGO’s setting up educational institution, they still lack the basic amenities inclusive of health care. Bright Sight Foundation will be assisting those schools as well for visual aid.

Where Bright Sight Foundation will work towards protecting the eye sight of all those who cannot afford to pay for themselves via conducting eye screening, providing medication and eye wears as well as paying for surgeries if required. Bright Sight Foundation will be conducting such eye screening camps in cities, villages, and old age houses too.

A widespread cause for blindness especially amongst the old and the diabetic patients. Due to the surgery being expensive or lack of subsidies, the patients either stay unaware or untreated. Bright Sight Foundation will however be fully funding the cataract surgery for such patients who are unable to pay for themselves

Where your glasses that are aimlessly lying around in your drawer, can be priceless for those who cannot afford eye wear. You can bring your spare glasses to any of the Gaba Optical branch, which will then be sent to Bright Sight Foundation.

Where by 5% of all the purchases made will be transferred to Bright Side Foundation to your selected cause e.g. eye screening camps, cataract surgery, eye wear for the less privileged. Shop Now

Spread the word

Your role does not end here. Another vital step you can take to aid Bright Sight Foundation is by spreading the word amongst your kin and kith. After all, we at Bright Side believe, the more the merrier.
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Bright Sight

Bright Sight Foundation was a vision of the pioneers of GABA optical that has been established as an organization by the latter to give back to the society, and play their part in social welfare. GABA optical has always helped out the society as they were fully aware of the visual needs specifically encompassing the country. From eye testing to the surgery for cataract, all finances are be given by Bright Sight Foundation. The progeny of GABA optical is continuing the charity work by providing free of cost treatments to those in need. Their goal is to set up eye screening camps throughout Karachi, and villages, but most importantly in schools, orphanages and old age homes, to those who have no one to look after them.

Our Vision

Bright Sight

Bright Sight Foundation envisions a Pakistan eliminating avoidable blindness and visual impairments essentially amongst the under privileged.

Our Mission

Bright Sight

Bright Sight Foundation sets to deliver regular yet free of cost eye screening camps and treatments even in inaccessible areas, schools, orphanages and old age homes, to all those in need so as to give the children a better chance at learning, for all individuals to earn better for their families and fight poverty, and for our elderly to be self-reliant.

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How can you play a part?

As a vital part of our society, you can partake in your social responsibility via various methods like If you are an individual you can help out by either

Or if you are an establishment, you can