About Bright Sight

Bright Sight Foundation was a vision of the pioneers of GABA optical that has been established as an organization by the latter to give back to the society, and play their part in social welfare. GABA optical has always helped out the society as they were fully aware of the visual needs specifically encompassing the country. From eye testing to the surgery for cataract, all finances are be given by Bright Sight Foundation. The progeny of GABA optical is continuing the charity work by providing free of cost treatments to those in need. Their goal is to set up eye screening camps throughout Karachi, and villages, but most importantly in schools, orphanages and old age homes, to those who have no one to look after them.

Our Mission

Bright Sight Foundation sets to deliver regular yet free of cost eye screening camps and treatments even in inaccessible areas, schools, orphanages and old age homes, to all those in need so as to give the children a better chance at learning, for all individuals to earn better for their families and fight poverty, and for our elderly to be self-reliant.

Our Vission

Bright Side Foundation envisions a Pakistan eliminating avoidable blindness and visual impairments essentially amongst the under privileged.

Our agency has been present for over 30 years. We make the best for all our children.

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Our History

Mr. Shamsul Haq Gaba, the founder of GABA Optical was born in 1871, first laid the foundation for GABA Optical in 1901 in Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, India, and started the business on basis of retail, wholesale and import. In 1930, Mr. Shamsul Haq Gaba handed over the business to his son Mr. Zameer Ul Haq Gaba and after the Indo-Pak Partition in 1947; he migrated the business to Karachi, Pakistan and installed the manufacturing unit for optical frames.

After the migration, Mr. Zameer Ul Haq Gaba moved the company to Saddar, Karachi and with the continuation of his utmost dedication, relentless hard work, never ending efforts and keeping the latest technology; by 1956 he had outgrown his competition to be well renowned in the industry.

His son Mr. Shoaib Gaba joined him in 1965 and further induced technology into his field and with his excellence endeavor’s, he further elevated the name of GABA optical to affluence. Mr. Shoaib sons Mr. Zahid Ul Haq Gaba, Mr. Atif Gaba and Mr. Junaid Gaba, after completing their studies partook in the family business and keeping their family values in mind, pushed the business further towards triumphant success and expanded their business worldwide by going online.

They increased the network of branches of GABA and created their own designs, setting the latest fashion trends and also introduced high quality lenses. They have the latest eye testing instruments to check the eye sight of their customers on spot. Each GABA optical outlet is equipped with a fully computerized dispensing lab with the latest technology to not only overlook at all the procedures but to also set each frame with a computer unlike other opticians who use the hand fitting method, resulting in high quality and highly efficient services and products for their customers. With the help of their highly trained and qualified expert staff present at all branches, they serve their customers with the best services possible to satisfy their needs.

Being inspired by the charity work done by the elders of GABA Optical in their times, the new progeny decided to formally initiate Bright Sight Foundation providing free of cost eye care and treatment to the less privilege and continue playing their part of being in the community.

Our Team

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